Let Top Shelf Botanicals assist you in obtaining your Free Medical Card

Top Shelf Botanicals is committed to helping patients achieve the most effective therapeutic benefits of having a Medical Card. From helping you understand if you qualify to obtaining your card to providing you with the highest quality products.

Obtaining your card is much easier and less confusing than you may think.

Steps to obtaining your Free Medical Card in Montana

1. Proof of Residence

A Montana state driver’s license or Montana state issued ID are required to obtain a Medical Card in Montana.

2. Eligible Conditions

Cancer, glaucoma, or positive status for HIV/AIDS, or the treatment of these conditions; a chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces cachexia or wasting syndrome, severe or chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures, including seizures caused by epilepsy, or severe or persistent muscle spasms, including spasms caused by multiple sclerosis or Crohn’s disease; admittance to hospice care; painful peripheral neuropathy, a central nervous system disorder resulting in chronic, painful spasticity or muscle spasms, or PTSD.

3. Doctors Documents

The last and most important step to getting your medical card is finding a doctor to sign your forms. However, not all doctors are on board with prescribing the medicine you need.

Luckily, Top Shelf Botanicals is here to assist you.  So if you have a diagnosis of an eligible condition, you’ll most likely be able to get a card.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Montana